Sunday, 26 November 2006

Wot? No Dragon in this Sausage?

Well it can't have escaped your notice that we are no longer allowed to buy Welsh Dragon Sausages.They are no longer allowed to be thus called in case anyone is led to believe they contain the afore-mentioned mythical beast, or a poor unsuspecting vegetarian be lilled into believing they only contain mythical meat.

We need now to compose an exhaustive list of other foodstuffs which need to be expunged from our supermarket shelves lest the gullible be misled into thinking certain products are something they are not....

Hot Dogs
Battered Fish Fingers
Green Giant canned foods
Shepherds Pie
Cottage Pie - watch out for the bricks
Salted Pork Scratchings - the image is frightening
gegs [scrambled eggs]
Lion Bar
Double Decker
Stoned Fruit
Self Raising Flower
Hot Cross Buns
Bath Olivers - what could they possibly be
Beef Tomatoes
Cheesy Wotsits
Chocolate Fingers
Lady's Fingers

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Friday, 24 November 2006

Grow Your Own Dope.....

.....plant yourself a man